Gefühlsmonsters as Part of the “HeldenAkademie” Intercultural Project

“HeldenAkademie” (literally “HeroAcademy”)  is a project of MediationsZentrum Berlin e.V. and was founded in 2016 by mediators working for the centre. The workshops of HeldenAkademie aim to encourage young male adults to further develop their skills in solving conflicts in a non-violent way. What are my own strengths, what skills do I already bring with […]

Upper-Secondary School Students Use Gefühlsmonsters for Feedback

We recently received the following user feedback from a teacher at a German upper secondary school. A big thank you to Mrs Rath-Arnold for allowing us to share this feedback on our website. “Dear Mrs Höch-Corona, I wanted to send you a little feedback on the Gefühlsmonster cards: Recently, I taught a two-week ZRM-self-coaching project […]

Feedback from our Gefühlsmonster Intensiv-Workshop

Recently, we received the following feedback after our Gefühlsmonster Intensiv-Workshop (held in German): “Thank you very much again for the cheerful and inspirational exchange regarding the Gefühlsmonsters. My scepticism towards the monsters is gone. Last night, after the workshop, I met up with some friends and told them excitedly about the many ways the cards […]

Use in an anti-bullying unit

This feedback from a school just arrived today: “On Monday I used the Gefühlsmonster Cards in an anti-bullying unit. The students were asked to pick a card in the beginning of the class which represents their feelings on the topic of bullying. One student chose a happy, cool monster. After being asked about the reason […]