In mediation, the Gefühlsmonster® cards can help make differences in people’s experiences clear and tangible. The severity of an experienced or current feeling is much more comprehensible as an image rather than only as the spoken word.

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Gefühlsmonster® cards in mediation

As part of my job I work as a mediator in the civil service, mainly with people who find themselves in a conflict with other colleagues or with a superior. Sometimes these could be two people, sometimes groups and teams who would then contact me as a mediator or conflict moderator.

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If you would like to get acquainted with and try the Gefühlsmonster® cards for yourself before working with them, below you will find instructions (PDF) for you to download free of charge.

First steps consulting and training (Download)

Article: Another way to begin the mediation process (Download)

Sample videos on the application of Gefühlsmonsters in mediation

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