More and more families use the Gefühlsmonsters for a cheerful exchange, for example about an activity, last week, the upcoming holiday, the new apartment. This way, children playfully learn how different their family members feel in the same situation. Children and young people also use the monsters like a signal at their door, so that family members can see if they are welcome at the chosen moment.

User feedback

Bild Familie WebSurprising – and unplanned – use of the Gefühlsmonsters

“Imagine what happened yesterday at home:
After an argument with my 11-year-old son, I was looking for a list of feelings according to Rosenberg. Since I had just lent out my non-violent communication book, I searched the Internet and ran into your website.”


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If you would like to get acquainted with and try the Gefühlsmonster® cards for yourself before working with them, below you will find instructions (PDF) for you to download free of charge.

First steps parents (short version) (Download)

First steps and extended information parents (Download)

First steps for children (Download)

Ronja and the Gefühlsmonsters

Ronja is nine years old and received a Gefühlsmonster mini set as a present. Here she tells Jutta Höch-Corona (JHC) about her experiences with the cards:

“JHC: What did you actually do with the cards? Did you play with them?

Ronja: In the evenings I took them out of my little box thinking about how I felt during the day. Then, I put them down. There were no more than seven or eight cards. Once I took them with me to school and then did that in the long break.”


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