Gefühlsmonster Academy

In our impulse courses we invite you to dive with us into a very specific topic from an application area of the Gefühlsmonsters. One hour, short and crisp and always interactive. The impulses are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. The cost per course is 30 EUR.

All our seminars thrive on joint interaction. For this you need a computer with a stable internet connection with microphone and camera. Participation on a mobile phone is not recommended, as the tools used in the seminar cannot be used here and the group work is hindered. You do not need to have your own set of Gefühlsmonster Cards. We work with our online toolbox. Each paid seminar comes with a handout and a certificate of participation.

June 2024

Gefühlsmonsters - what is that - ON1-WIT-240618

You want to know more about what the Gefühlsmonsters are all about? What they are good for, who created them and why there are 25 cards? In this introduction you will learn how to facilitate conversat...

Gefühlsmonsters - what is that
Open for registration

30,00 EUR

Date: 18.06.2024
Time: 18:00

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