In pre-school,Gefühlsmonster® cards are often used by the children in a playful way – for example as a memory game. Deep conversations often arise all by themselves.

User feedback

kita_12Gefühlsmonsters in Pre-Schools

Feedback from a pre-school teacher:

“We used the A4 cards in the children’s conference with 5- and 6-year-old children – and assumed, as is often the case, that they would just share the view of the previous speakers. Instead, the following happened:

A young girl burst into tears and used this round to describe a relationship conflict between her and two other girls.”

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If you would like to get acquainted with and try the Gefühlsmonster® cards for yourself before working with them, below you will find instructions (PDF) for you to download free of charge:

First steps for pre-schools (Download)

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