Here you will find news relating to the Gefühlsmonsters and ideas for using them, notices about workshops, user feedback and much more.

New workshops in English and new book!

From now on you can find a 1 hour online introduction workshop “Gefühlsmonsters – what is that?“about how to use the Gefühlsmonsters every month in Gefühlsmonsters Academy. Next workshops on October 12 and November 14. First specialized workshop on “How to design online meetings and digital group appointments with the Gefühlsmonsters” October 30! We know […]

New short movie: Gefühlsmonsters in the day-care centre

We have made a film with which we can make our work in the day-care sector and the positive influence of the Gefühlsmonster® Cards visible there.Emotional competence in the day-care centre as preparation for the interpersonal issues that are important at school and later at work and in the family. Work that introduces children to […]

New book: King Archibald and the Gefühlsmonsters

In her third book, Lilli Höch-Corona metaphorically invites us to make friends with all our feelings. Especially also with those that make us uncomfortable. With the aim, as King Archibald says in the book, “to be able to grow old relaxed and loved by everyone”. She has written a fairy tale in which a king […]

18 now – The Gefühlsmonsters have come of age!

It has been 18 years since the first blue cases arrived at the Corona family in March 2005. 18 years of experience in dealing with feelings, with making oneself aware of them and talking about them – and many, many moments in which the Gefühlsmonsters have given us and all of you deeply touching, surprising, […]

Getting creative with feelings

A few days ago we received a wonderful feedback about working with the Gefühlsmonster cards in a team context, which we happily share with you here: “Dear Gefühlsmonster Team, Some time ago I attended one of your introductory seminars “Gefühlsmonster Basics”. Working with the cards in a daily team context impressed me a lot. At […]