Africa is my treasure trove

Have you ever wondered where the colorful and expressive Gefühlsmonster picture from Africa on our home page comes from?

For many years, the Gefühlsmonsters have maintained an active cooperation with the project “Akiiki” of the Belgian Marijke D’Herde in Uganda. Since then, packages with Gefühlsmonster materials start their long journey to Africa at regular intervals. And in return we regularly receive reports and insights into Marijke’s work there.

It is high time to introduce her and her projects in Africa here!

Martina Günther, journalist and freelancer for Gefühlsmonsters, recently met Marijke for an interview on Zoom. In the following article, she describes Marijke’s life journey and her valuable work in the field of Nonviolent Communication.

Our thanks go to Marijke for her openness about her very personal story and for her insights into her daily work, and to Martina for editing the interview so wonderfully!