Our philosophy


universally effective

What does a Swiss organizational consultant have in common with a Nigerian social worker, a mediator in Germany with a youth worker in Italy? They all work with the Gefuehlsmonster® cards. Because people are different, feelings are universal. With our monster cards, people in any language come to talk about feelings – and with playful ease.

environmentally sustainable

Sustainability is not a buzzword for us, but a lived corporate culture. For us, it means consciously investing in relationships, environmental protection, regionalism, and quality. We rely on long-term, trusting contacts with our suppliers, trainers and cooperation partners and take the time for an appreciative cooperation.

We can not get around packing. After all, our products want to arrive safely. Our principles are: reduce packaging, recycle and use environmentally friendly materials (such as cellophane and cardboard). For example, all standard Gefuehlsmonster® cards are in Blue Angel certified cases.

lovingly handmade

We are anchored in Berlin. Each set of cards you receive is printed and sorted in Berlin, packaged in our specially designed envelopes at “Gefuehlsmonsters Headquarters”, carefully checked and sent. We laminate the A4 cards by hand. The felt covers of the premium sets are made by a small Siegen-based manufacturer for us. Produce locally, act universally is our motto.

passionately engaged

We have the dream that all humans learn to talk about feelings as children. This is our way of working for a peaceful world in which every human being can be as he is.

Every day we are passionately committed to making this dream come true: in Gefuehlsmonster workshops, in dialogue with our customers, with application ideas on our website, through innovative product developments and with annual donations amounting to at least 3% of the profits. Through friendly trainers, we donate Gefuehlsmonster® cards to selected projects in disadvantaged regions worldwide.