Upper-Secondary School Students Use Gefühlsmonsters for Feedback

We recently received the following user feedback from a teacher at a German upper secondary school. A big thank you to Mrs Rath-Arnold for allowing us to share this feedback on our website.

“Dear Mrs Höch-Corona,

I wanted to send you a little feedback on the Gefühlsmonster cards:

Recently, I taught a two-week ZRM-self-coaching project for young adults at my school (Oberstufen-Kolleg Bielefeld, upper secondary level). Since this was the first time for me, I initially only focused on the ZRM-modules during the first week and then introduced the Gefühlsmonster cards only during the second week on a trial basis. Since I have never worked with the Gefühlsmonster cards before I was not sure how my students would react to them. During the feedback session at the end of the project, the students told me that they liked the project very much, but one point of criticism was why I had not used the Gefühlsmonster cards from the beginning. Feedback regarding the cards was positive throughout! That made me very happy and served as an encouragement to use the cards more often.

I just wanted to share this very positive feedback with you. Thank you for this great tool. One of the games that I played with my students was the one where everyone draws a card and all create a story together – this was real fun and put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest student!

Best wishes,

Ingrid Rath-Arnold”