Gefühlsmonster® cards can make it easier to start a conversation about feelings. Arriving in group situations is thereby more relaxed and at the same time deeper, from cheerfully told stories to an efficient and lasting clarification of feelings for a selected situation. Differences in the experience of feelings will be acknowledged and provide a good basis for a subsequent exchange.

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As part of their commitment to creating an employee-oriented corporate culture, Hilti AG has been organizing seminars on corporate culture, the so-called “Team Camps“, for all of their roughly 23,000 employees worldwide every two years for 12 years now.

To that end, the company employs more than 70 trainers, internally referred to as „Sherpas“ (Mr Metzler: „And that is not because we want to carry people’s loads for them, but because we define ourselves as the ones setting the direction.”).

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If you would like to get acquainted with and try the Gefühlsmonster® cards for yourself before working with them, below you will find instructions (PDF) for you to download free of charge.

First steps for team leaders and supervisors (Download)

The Gefühlsmonster® cards can be used for introductory and evaluative talks. The emotional state of a group on a specific topic can quickly be made visible by laying the cards on the floor. They are also popular for visualizing scale questions or to clarify differences in experience.

 The following exercises have proven successful and are constantly being further developed by our users:

Introductory round for consultation meetings, team development, seminars:

The Gefühlsmonster® cards are scattered on the floor. Everybody wanders around, looks at the cards and searches for the card that corresponds most likely to his/her emotional state. By doing so, people stay in motion and the contemplation of the cards makes recognizing your own feelings easy. And all this without even thinking about it. The pictures speak directly to the emotions. The decision is made quickly by sorting out cards that are not coherent.

For large groups, you can ask the small groups that are formed around one card to exchange views on the significance of the card and to find a common definition for the moment.