Old Age

The Gefühlsmonster® cards were originally created for schoolchildren. Over the years they have conquered all ages, including very old people. With the Gefühlsmonsters, sometimes issues emerge which would not have been acknowledged otherwise, or feelings are addressed, which would would not have been mentioned otherwise. We even received reports of seniors who like to colour in the monsters in the colouring book.

User feedback

Foto Alter

The 90-year old mother – a surprising story about arms under the blanket, eating too much food and not wanting to go to the eye doctor….

A letter from a high school teacher about what she experienced with her 90-year old mother:

“Dear friend,

Sadly, I couldn’t call you today because I only just returned from my mother’s home. She is now 90 years old and insists on living by herself, which is difficult to accept for us, her three children. I had at first planned to clean her home a bit, but she was fairly agitated, didn’t get dressed all day, and just sat in her bathrobe in front of the blaring TV. She said that she didn’t feel well, and her medication wasn’t working well.”


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