Feedback from our Gefühlsmonster Intensiv-Workshop

Recently, we received the following feedback after our Gefühlsmonster Intensiv-Workshop (held in German):

“Thank you very much again for the cheerful and inspirational exchange regarding the Gefühlsmonsters.
My scepticism towards the monsters is gone. Last night, after the workshop, I met up with some friends and told them excitedly about the many ways the cards can be used and we then tried them out ourselves as well.


This morning, unfortunately, my partner and his son had an argument, again. N Sauer 4This time I thought I would take out the cards and ask them how they felt right at that moment. This then resulted in a discussion and finally also a clarification on the matter, what a godsend. Thank you!”N Gruppen-Umarmung! v2 4