“Sometimes feelings are monsters” is Book of the month in August 2021!!

We are very happy! Here what the printer writes about the book: Sometimes feelings are monsters – Self management with feeling In her new guide “Sometimes feelings are monsters”, coach Lilli Höch-Corona explains why understanding one’s own feelings can lead to happiness and balance. Most people find it difficult to talk about their own feelings. […]

Dear reader, the most exciting seminar this week for me was the rehearsal of the Pre- School seminar “Child crying – what to do?” Due to our switch to online courses, it was now possible that the experienced daycare center director Jana Benz did not have to come to Berlin for a seminar but could […]

Gefühlsmonster – The Beginning

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Gefühlsmonsters, Lilli Höch-Corona, the founder, tells how it all came about. How she had the idea and together with her son Christian Corona developed and published the Gefühlsmonsters. Have fun watching!


Sorry we did not succeed to have English subtitles for the video, so we decided to have the transcript translated. The talk is about thoughts and feelings, body perception, thankfulness and stress-reducing exercises. Silvia: Hello, here is Silvia with an exciting interview partner: This is Lilli from Berlin. Lilli’s theme is: your thoughts create your […]