New online workshops

Dear Gefühlsmonster friends,
maybe you have already heard about the Gefühlsmonsters and would like to know more?

The Gefühlsmonsters can be used as a tool to facilitate conversations about feelings in any situation where feelings are involved. (And when are they not? See our feedback story further below!).

Especially for newcomers who are just getting started with the cards it can be helpful to first learn about and experience different ways of working with them.

That is why our founder and inventor of the cards, Lilli Höch-Corona, founded the Gefühlsmonster Academy in 2020. Since then, the Academy has grown into a team of nine trainers who are experts in a broad spectrum of different areas of application of the cards such as education, business or counselling. In German we are now offering more than 25 different seminars.

Our English-speaking Gefühlsmonster users can now also benefit from the expertise of the Academy. Since last year we offer an introductory seminar “Gefühlsmonsters – what is that?” on a bimonthly basis.

The next dates are:

29 February at 6pm CET
9 April at 6pm CET
18 June at 6pm CET

The seminar is one hour long and conducted online via Zoom. If you want to know what the Gefühlsmonsters are, who created them and why and if you want to experience for yourself what they can be used for, then this seminar is right for you.

If you are already a regular user of the cards and you are interested in expanding your possibilities of working with the Gefühlsmonsters, let us put together an English seminar according to your specific needs. Just contact us with your ideas! And it goes without saying that if you are based outside of Europe we can adapt the starting time so that it suits your day.

Please feel free to spread the word about our offers in English. We are happy to have you forward this mail to anyone who might also benefit from learning about and using the Gefühlsmonster® cards.

With all the very best from all of us at Gefühlsmonster Headquarters in Berlin,

Antje Vorndran