Playfully acting out feelings with the Gefühlsmonsters

“Dear Gefuehlsmonsters!

Your cards help us with solving conflicts and bringing up the complicated internal states that sometimes come and won’t easily leave – like anger, sadness, disappointment, excitement etc.
We like to play with the monsters this way (with kids as little as 2 years old):
We put all the cards together and think of a situation – like going to a birthday celebration or going to the shop, or for a walk. Then, one by one, the kids take one card and imagine how their monster would walk, move or talk with others. It is a lot of fun – imagine going angry for groceries or sad for a walk or excited for celebration etc.
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce the cards to the kids!
We will keep in touch!
All the best!
Kristina Kačaljaková, Slovakia”