A Heart-Melting Moment

A while ago, we received the following feedback from one of our customers:

“I have used the cards in my family and they are a big hit with my 4-year old daughter. Recently I was away and she and her dad were having a tough time. He was trying to get out the door with her and she was busy doing other things. When dad got cranky, our daughter said “ Let me get the feeling cards” and took them out. She then proceeded to show him the love card to express how much she loved him.

No. 19
No. 19

That melted his heart. Then the two of them looked at the different feelings they each had and had a really sweet moment reflecting on them together. We keep the feeling cards in a drawer where our daughter can reach them and in difficult moments they have become a great tool to help each of us reflect on, express and listen to each other’s feelings.”

Author: Eva