Keeping an open mind about the cards

On the topic of “not naming” the cards, we have just received a nice comment from one of our long-standing customers – read for yourself:
“In my work as a consultant in custody and access proceedings, again and again I noticed that children have very different associations regarding the feelings depicted in the images from those that we would connect with the cards. Initially, I would always, with no specific aim, let the children describe some cards first, in order to identify their perceptions and to see if they are able to associate feelings with the cards at all. Some children are so emotionally cold that only little emotion can be verbalized, even by using the cards. Then, I would let the children describe to me each card that they chose with regard to a specific question. It’s amazing what kind of unexpected emotional assignments are sometimes made. In my experience it is problematic if I rashly take my interpretation of the monster’s feelings without asking the children explicitly.

With this in mind, in the application of the cards, always be open to the fact that your counterpart might see quite different things than you – and let yourself be surprised by creative interpretations!”

Author: Dr. Früh-Naumann