Surprising – and unplanned – use of the Gefühlsmonsters

“Imagine what happened yesterday at home:
After an argument with my 11-year-old son, I was looking for a list of feelings according to Rosenberg. Since I had just lent out my non-violent communication book, I searched the Internet and ran into your website. The idea with the cards immediately appealed to me. Now, that’s something! This way, you can easily start up a conversation, I thought. I left the page with the overview of the images open on the screen and briefly left the room.
When I came back, my son was sitting in front of the computer, pointing with interest to the screen and asking me what it was. I explained it and all of a sudden he was all for it. A minute ago the cool, detached teenager, now he was suddenly talking about his feelings during the past week. We had a wonderful, sensitive conversation and at the end he urged me to buy the cards!”