In touch with all parts

Yesterday we received this touching and pioneering feedback from a client – she is known to us, of course, but will be unnamed here. She gave permission to publish it here to help others in her situation and to encourage professionals to integrate this tool into their work.

“Besides the use of the cards in my work with youth groups I also employ them for myself. My past includes severe sexual abuse resulting in dissociative identity disorder. This means that there are separate identities who participate in my life, operating inside and outside of me.

I find the Gefühlsmonsters incredibly helpful to reach some far removed parts/identities. Some of them can’t talk but can pull a card or have it pulled for them. Others are so far removed and separated (or received an inner communication ban) that I can’t hear their statements, but they can move the body and pull a card. For this it is very helpful that the Gefühlsmonsters don’t have a human appearance, are cute and especially that there are no emotions named with words. Because of this the subjective interpretation is wide open.

I have recommended the Gefühlsmonsters to others living with DID and consider them really good support, especially for people like us.”