Motivation at a Low – What Can I Do?

A supervisor sent us the following feedback about working with the Gefühlsmonster cards relating to the topic “motivation”.

(Maybe it will motivate you to try the short exercise?)

Here is his report:

“Some time ago I encountered the topic “My motivation is at a low, what now?”. My idea to approach this subject with the Gefühlsmonsters was happily accepted (I always keep a small set in my pocket).

The first question was: “Which Gefühlsmonster expresses “at a low”?

The answer: Instead of one there amazingly were five cards…

The second question was: Which Gefühlsmonsters (now in plural) express this emotion after we have processed this topic successfully?

The Answer: Three cards.

As additional card the image of the Gefühlsmonster in the hammock expresses the sense of life experience after the subject has been processed successfully.

Simply the fact of spreading the chosen cards has brought resolution to the person who was in this predicament, by her recognizing that there are a multitude of emotions involved.

In closing of this exercise we collected questions from the participants for the Gefühlsmonsters that are “at a low”. Here two examples as inspiration:

1. What would be helpful to get out of this hot, burning environment into the refreshing environment of water?

2. Dear Gefühlsmonster of Rage, what would help you to be able to jump into the air cheering?”