Gefühlsmonsters in Child Therapy

The following feedback came from a therapist working with children:

“I work as a therapist with a ten year old child. It was my first time working with a child as a therapist. He came to me being angry with his teacher, with his peers, with his mom and without too many words to express it. I showed him the cards and asked him to choose the one that represents the best how he was feeling at the moment. He didn’t put much attention on them and made his choice with non caring way. I told him I sometimes feel like this and asked how it is for him. He only said a few words but kept looking at the card.

In the next session I didn’t show him the cards, and he asked for them. Without saying anything, he picked up two cards. He started connecting, shy, but started talking about himself, and not only complaining about the others.
We looked for more cards: how he would like to feel, how it is to feel comfortable, safe… From the cards he could express about himself and together find the words to show those feelings.

Thank you for this material. I haven’t tried yet to use them with groups or adult people, but they helped a lot working with this boy.”

Author: Anna Boix

A big thank you, Anna, for sharing this feedback with us.