Gefühlsmonsters Help Homeless People

Here is feedback we received from Bratislava, Slovakia:


“I work as a career counselor with a group of homeless people in Bratislava, Slovakia.
During one session we were working with managing conflict situations. Participants were asked to play two roles in a conflict of employer and employee. While they were thinking and preparing for the role, they should also choose emotional cards which represent their current feelings in conflict and also choose cards of feelings that would be present in the end of conflict resolution.

In the exercise they bring these feelings and were watching how it affects the whole situation.

The group enjoyed the cards very much and it helped them bring awareness to their feelings and their needs. This knowledge was helpful as a tool for conflict resolution.

They also divided themselves from emotions, thus handling conflicts more efficiently.

Thank you, Jutta, for your generous gift of the cards. Homeless people (but not just them) were so surprised how wide the variety of emotions is and they didn´t need to be skilled in verbal expressiveness.

I wish you many satisfied customers and their clients and thank you for a great time of learning and playfulness in one time (and one box).”

Author: Veronika Holikova