Feelings without words

Many of us are dealing with the current changes in our country, due to the influx of refugees into Germany, and think about how the people who are allowed to and might want to stay here can successfully integrate themselves. In this regard, it is first and foremost necessary to facilitate understanding – maybe some of you are already giving language lessons, although you have never learned how to do this ….

In this connection, we received the following feedback from a dear friend who as a volunteer is looking after an Afghan family and does not regard herself as an expert. Read for yourself:

“I would also like to briefly report what my limited and probably very unprofessional use of the Gefühlsmonster® cards has achieved. I had made only a small selection and presented it to my protégé at the beginning of the meeting. Suddenly, all family members gathered around the small table, the little sister, the younger brother, the father and the mother, and although verbal communication was very limited, everyone spontaneously picked up a card, even though I had not asked them to do it. Everyone laughed, rejoiced, and there was immediately a completely relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And suddenly a few things came up which otherwise I probably would not have found out about. This was beautiful and encouraging. “