18 now – The Gefühlsmonsters have come of age!

It has been 18 years since the first blue cases arrived at the Corona family in March 2005. 18 years of experience in dealing with feelings, with making oneself aware of them and talking about them – and many, many moments in which the Gefühlsmonsters have given us and all of you deeply touching, surprising, humorous and enlightening situations. What a gift! We would like to celebrate this with you!

Lilli Höch-Corona, our founder and inventor of the cards, remembers our beginnings:

“I had been using the black and white precursors of the Gefühlsmonsters for nine years in all my trainings and experienced how they created a humorous atmosphere and surprising stories.

The moment when the blue cases, ordered from memo AG and developed with the lovely Corinna Düchs (then Laudner), arrived was exhilarating. After all, I had never developed and sold my own product before! My son Christian, the illustrator of the Gefühlsmonsters, and I held these first cases in our hands in amazement. Here came the materialization of a project that had pushed itself more and more into my consciousness as an idea over the years and was now to be implemented. At the same time, there was great excitement and uncertainty as to whether this idea would really bear fruit, whether people outside our personal and professional environment would be interested in these cards.

No thought of building a business on it! I was a mediator and mediation instructor at the time, and sent out the ordered cards myself for the first year!

Until today it is a great joy for me to use the Gefühlsmonsters in my own work, and between user feedback, workshops and the exchange with my colleagues to keep on exploring further applications of the cards.

Now the Gefühlsmonsters have come of age. I wish us all that they continue to be useful and make it easier for more and more people to recognize their feelings and share them!”

The fact that the monsters have long since outgrown their infancy is demonstrated by our success story, which has been ongoing since 2005. Today, there are 6 permanent employees at our headquarters in Berlin, plus 8 freelancers in the areas of training and social media. And we cherish our reliable cooperations with our suppliers for our products and packaging, even in difficult times.

Typical for 18-year-olds, the Gefühlsmonsters are also increasingly becoming globetrotters. But no matter where they are, they always help people talk about their feelings more easily. Did you know that the cards can already be found on (at least) five continents? We look forward to receiving news that prove us wrong! Send us photos from wherever you are, of your projects, that would make us very happy! Please specify if it is a gift to us, if we can publish it in our newsletter or on our social media channels. Speaking of which: many thanks to more and more users who post photos with the Gefühlsmonsters! You can be sure that each of these posts warms our hearts!

Today we would like to thank you explicitly for lighting the passion for the Gefühlsmonsters in others with your enthusiasm. You are standing with us for a world where the well-being of all people matters! In which we care for each other, value each other.

To celebrate our anniversary with you, we have a very special offer for you:
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With the very best wishes from the whole Gefühlsmonster Team:

Lilli Höch-Corona

Jana Benz

Christian Corona

Giuseppe Corona

Silke Fabian

Martina Günther

Renate Holstein

Alina Juch

Theresa Kräher

Inez Maus

Sylvia da Silva Porfirio

Antje Vorndran

Sandra Walkenhorst

Jens Winter