Getting creative with feelings

A few days ago we received a wonderful feedback about working with the Gefühlsmonster cards in a team context, which we happily share with you here:

“Dear Gefühlsmonster Team,

Some time ago I attended one of your introductory seminars “Gefühlsmonster Basics”. Working with the cards in a daily team context impressed me a lot. At regular intervals, we work on the feelings on the cards. We make up names and stories or think about how the monsters might be feeling, what they might have experienced, etc.

At the end of last year, I presented my team with a new challenge. The assignment was: draw a card, don’t tell the others which Gefühlsmonster you have drawn, then think about and get creative with the feeling.

We presented the finished artwork at our last team meeting and revealed which monsters we had drawn. In the process we had such great conversations about feelings! Thank you for the great cards. I would like to share our works of art with you.

Gefühlsmonster Greetings

Andrea R.”

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing this team exercise.

We think it’s not only a great idea for creative work on the topic of feelings, but also a wonderful door opener to get to know each other in a team and get closer in a completely different way.

Andrea has provided us with the artwork from her team. Can you guess which monster might be behind each of the pictures?