Gefühlsmonsters in Pre-Schools

Feedback from a pre-school teacher:

“We used the A4 cards in the children’s conference with 5- and 6-year-old children – and assumed, as is often the case, that they would just share the view of the previous speakers. Instead, the following happened:

A young girl burst into tears and used this round to describe a relationship conflict between her and two other girls. Then, a boy complained that he was pestered by the others (a situation that dated back some time, and probably would not have emerged without the cards and the round), and a girl (who had never spoken to the group before and is usually very reserved) could not wait for her turn, only to announce to everyone that she was in love (!!!) with K.”

This group’s pre-school teacher also adopted the cards for a special parents’ evening and asked for the parents’ feedback.
This ranged from the monster drenched in sweat to the one with his thumb up – she was very happy to have reached the parents with her variety of methods and to witness how the parents (mothers and fathers) engaged with the Gefühlsmonsters.