Read here about how Gefühlsmonster® cards can support you in discovering new aspects about yourself or when dealing with personal matters at home:

I recently received a set of Gefühlsmonster® cards as a gift and, looking through them, fell instantly in love with the little guys. But since I do not work in a therapeutic setting, my first encounter with the cards never went beyond a theoretical appreciation of their potential value because, to be honest, I didn’t really know how to use them.

I then went on your website and found the online Gefühlsmonster scan and started playing around with the cards a little more thinking about a very specific question that had preoccupied me for some time. I was quite surprised to see how complex my feelings actually turned out to be when I saw them depicted with the cards and the subtle nuances they reflected from my own inner dialogue. I found this particularly enlightening because I always thought of myself as someone who was pretty much in touch with these nuances. But the Gefühlsmonster made it easier for me to also start talking about them.

One thing quickly became clear to me – I would have to show these cards to my best friend (who I knew to be generally open to these things and in addition who also works as a therapist).

For our next girls‘ weekend I was thus accompanied by 25 monsters and they would have nearly never made it out of their box because we obviously also had lots and lots of other things to talk about as well. But late one evening, we were both lying on the hotel bed talking, suddenly there was the right moment for the monsters and they contributed significantly to a very magical evening. After we talked very generally about the cards and where they might be useful, my friend spontaneously said to me: „You know what, let me show you which cards would characterize my son and then I do the same with my daughter.” We were both instantly buzzing with curiosity and I quickly put forward that I wanted to do the same with my kids. This first, very positive experience with the cards helped us pluck up the courage to try the same for us, for each of us to describe ourselves and the other using the monsters and to look at and talk about similarities and differences in perception. We uncovered some very interesting things, for example, that we both perceived each other as relaxing (monster no. 5)N Entspannt 4 , but that the corresponding card never made it into our own selections. It was also interesting to see how different our interpretation of the monsters depicting anger/resentment was ( 1, 7, 8, 10 and 16).

With the help of the Gefühlsmonster® cards we felt very close and an even deeper connection between us that we both enjoyed a lot and were very thankful for.

Inspired by this weekend I now often carry a set of Gefühlsmonster® cards with me – you never know :-).“