Client: “I can’t find any answers to your questions today. I feel nothing and am just empty.”

While he was talking, I laid out cards that I like to work with in times of speechlessness: Gefühlsmonsters.

And while I was still laying the cards, the client suddenly smiled.

Client: “Yes exactly that…”
pointing to one of the monsters and then another and another until finally the ones shown in the photo were in front of him.

And then there were words again.

Client: “I am sad and exhausted and scared and at the same time feel so much love for my sister (who was diagnosed with cancer for the 4th time).
And I am allowed to be sad, because after all I don’t know if she will make it again this time. And I can also allow myself to be exhausted. After all, I am on the phone with the family all the time and try to spread confidence where I myself am uncertain. And I am also afraid. And these tears are allowed to flow. At least for the moment I feel relief. I am allowed and able to let go. Even if only briefly.
And there is my love for my sister. And I know that our family will stick together again. We are a real clan. We support each other.”

And there it was. The confidence (that’s what the top single card represents).

I found it remarkable that this man, who finds it rather difficult to talk about feelings even in other settings, suddenly found words and confidence….