“Why I am so exited about the Gefühlsmonster Cards.”

Thomas Fehr, Coach, Personnel Developer, Supervisor from Konstanz, sent us this report last week:

“A few days ago, a colleague asked me what I love about the Gefühlsmonsters. Maybe I can illustrate this with the following example from my everyday coaching: In the course of a coaching we also talked about the private situation of the customer. He described how the last evening ended with a typical quarrel with his wife. I asked how he would like to feel in similar situations in the future and what difference this would make. At first he could hardly answer this: he just wanted to feel good.

When I offered him the Gefühlsmonsters, he immediately pointed to three cards that corresponded to what he described as “good”. We started talking about the monsters and their possibilities. In this way he could now also talk about himself and his resources more in detail.

Now the customer felt like picking Gefühlsmonsters for his wife’s suspected emotions. Here, too, he was able to discover new ways.

Finally, at the initiative of the customer, we also looked more closely at a conflict in his working environment with the monstercards.

My conclusion: talking about feelings, finding resources and opportunities is sometimes incredibly difficult. So great that the Gefühlsmonsters make us such an easy entry! “