Papers for the crisis and beyond

Contact restrictions have been extended almonst everywhere and many families have probably already experienced their fair share of family crises big and small.

For all of you who might appreciate some helpful hints in these situations, we have prepared new papers for the current situation, which we provide free of charge and which can be downloaded here.

  1. The Gefühlsmonster Emergency Kit for dealing with extreme emotions – four ways to calm down when the heat is on
  2. A Guide for Children of reading age to deal with emotions arising due to the current situation
  3. A Guide for Parents to deal with their own feelings and those of their children
  4. And for the gaming enthusiasts among you, our new game: Just like in Real Life

You can try these out either with one mini set of the Gefühlsmonster cards or with the dialogue set. Or try our free Gefühlsmonster Online Scan.

In case you didn’t know, you can access the scan free of charge on the start page of our website:

Click on it – select a monster – think about what this means for you – choose your favourite monster, done!

Also, if you communicate with your friends, work colleagues or family members via Zoom, you can use the “Share Screen” function to share the Gefühlsmonster scan, mark individual cards with “stamps” and even play our new game together!

We wish you all the best in these difficult times. And don’t forget to praise yourself, at least once a day! Let’s leave our critical parts aside and appreciate all the new skills we are learning right now. Every little helps to keep mind and soul on the right track.

All the best from the whole Gefühlsmonster Team