NEW FOR YOU TO TRY OUT! Just like in real life – Storytelling a little different with Gefühlsmonsters

Here at Gefühlsmonster Headquarters, we’ve been thinking about how we can support you now that you spend more time at home and how, at the same time, we can do something monster-like to help us all keep our emotional monsters in check and still express them.

This has resulted in a game that we have already had a lot of fun with here and would therefore like to make it available to you immediately.

You will see – the title says it all! – that from time to time you will be surprised by a card that you would not have chosen yourself. The task is then to use your creativity and to make the best of things to give the story an appropriate twist…

And this is what it says in the instructions to the game, which you can download and play right away if you have at least one Gefühlsmonster set at home:

As is the case in life, in this game, one feeling comes together with another that you may not want to have… You choose a feeling that suits you, and underneath that feeling there is a completely different one. Phew! And now you’re supposed to put that into the story! The rules are strict, and may of course be changed by the players.

Here you can – exaggerate wildly – make up wild stories – be funny.”

Take good care of yourself and stay healthy,

The Gefühlsmonster Team