Cards help overcome a math test anxiety

A school’s social worker reported: “A highly engaged class teacher once asked me, in my function as a social worker, for ideas to help Martina overcome her math test anxiety. Martina understands the problems well, but she draws a blank during a test. The teacher had already explained relaxation techniques to the entire class, but […]

Tears because of bad grades

A school’s social worker reported: “Andrea was sent to me by a teacher because she had begun to cry after receiving a D in math class. She chose the card depicting a “relaxed” mood, showing a monster that lies in a hammock (number 5). After about 3 months, she explains that she has not received […]

How the Monsters are feeling …

“Dieter is 7 1/2-years-old, and naturally, he considers himself a “big boy” now. In 2012/13, after extensive examinations, he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder with hyperactive tendencies and low-level Asperger’s. This condition can emerge and manifest itself in a number of ways, but my son often shows character traits that seem inappropriate or unfitting […]