A card as a reminder that there is always support

No. 23
No. 23

A school’s social worker reported:

“I gave a Gefühlsmonster card to a child yesterday. I talked to the child after a concerned friend told me that the student is being physically punished by his parents when he receives a bad grade. During our talk, I decided to contact the parents; the child also wants to regularly see the school’s social worker. After the conversation, I asked the student how he felt, and the child showed me the monster that jumps high into the air – there is relief that problems are being addressed. I asked the child to use the card to remember that I am always there to help with problems or during difficult times.

I am glad you created the greeting cards to help support desirable feelings. I think it is important to not simply give away the cards, but to work with the child in advance in order to establish a meaningful context for these images. It should always be the child, not me, who chooses the card that best helps him/her in a difficult situation.”

Author: a school’s social worker