Comforting monsters…

Have you ever thought of comforting a monster? One that is very sad right now? A little girl did it with the help of her nursery manager, read for yourself:

“Dear Lilli, a girl had a hard time parting with her mum this morning during the handover.
The mummy was sad herself.
I went with the girl to the Gefühlsmonster poster. She pointed to that picture.

I then told her a story that the Gefühlsmonster had certainly just been brought by his mummy and actually both would have preferred to stay at home together. We comforted it with the girl’s cuddly toy.

Then she drew her own cuddly toy, which she cut out and which we stuck as near as possible to the Gefühlsmonster poster😃.

The tears had long since dried up and the sad child became an energetic one.”