Gefühlsmonster Academy

Workshops in German | English | Italian

Gefühlsmonster Academy Logo After 15 years of Gefühlsmonster Cards and more than 10 years of Gefühlsmonster Seminars for professionals from different fields, we are now ready to offer seminars for different application areas. Due to current events, we will initially focus on online.

In the center of our seminars are the Gefühlsmonsters, as a communication tool. It's about how to get into conversation with the Gefühlsmonsters more easily, how to understand oneself and others better and how to deal with one's own and other people's feelings better.

Our trainers have a wide range of training in the areas of coaching, mediation, psychology, pedagogy and various special methods. All of them have lots of experience in the use of the Gefühlsmonster tools.

We are just beginning to offer workshops in English. Our summer program includes three 1 hour webinars for 19 (afterwards 29) Euros: "Teams and groups", "Dealing with conflicts", "Emplayee appraisals" and, for free, "Gefühlsmonster Games". Please choose what you are interested in and see if the Gefühlsmonsters can help in your work or private life. You don't need the cards to attend - we will work with our online tools.