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You know the situation: whether someone tells you “You don’t need to be afraid!”, or “Aren’t you happy at all?”- everywhere it is clear that our diversity is also reflected in the expression of emotions. The Gefühlsmonster® cards are wonderfully suited to communicate about your own feelings within families or in couples.



Sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to talk with a friend or counsellor about a particular situation – in this case the Gefühlsmonster® cards are suitable to resolve your own emotional state in this situation quickly and comprehensively. You can do this with our Online Emotion Scan (for free!) or with your own monster cards. In difficult situations, it is recommended to also choose a monster at the end which can help you feel better in the situation.

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More and more families use the Gefühlsmonsters for a cheerful exchange, for example about an activity, last week, the upcoming holiday, the new apartment. This way, children playfully learn how different their family members feel in the same situation. Children and young people also use the monsters like a signal at their door, so that family members can see if they are welcome at the chosen moment.

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For couples, the Gefühlsmonsters are popular for a brief feeling check in the morning, for signals at the door and for clarifying feeling in conversations.



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Old Age

Foto AlterThe Gefühlsmonster® cards were originally created for schoolchildren. Over the years they have conquered all ages, including very old people. With the Gefühlsmonsters, sometimes issues emerge which would not have been acknowledged otherwise, or feelings are addressed, which would would not have been mentioned otherwise. We even received reports of seniors who like to colour in the monsters in the colouring book.


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Grief Counselling

The Gefühlsmonsters are also appreciated as part of grief counselling, in talks with members of the deceased and in grief support groups for children and adolescents.
For that purpose, there are already first films and book publications where the use of Gefühlsmonsters is shown.

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If verbal expression is difficult, Gefühlsmonster® cards can help. It is advisable to be open to the fact that the meaning of a particular monster for the autistic person may be different from that of the person accompanying him/her. To find this meaning can greatly promote communication in the family, at school or at work. People with autism sometimes have strong colour preferences or aversions that can cause certain cards not to be selected. Then it is important to know which monster represents joy, fear, anger etc. for the individual, so that the person accompanying him/her or family members do not misattribute the meaning of a card.

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